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Tessa McDonnell | Curios
Fri 21 Aug - Fri 3 Sept 2015

Exhibition opening Fri 21 Aug, 6pm.

In Curios, artist Tessa McDonnell explores the 'allure of the repellent: the relationship between beauty and the macabre' through a series of intricate hand ground etchings.

β€œIn order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” – Francis Bacon, Painter

I am unrestrainedly attracted and equally repelled by scenes and descriptions of sadness and loss in art. The beauty of the tragic is a puzzling thing to comprehend. Art transforms the tragic and the macabre into something beautiful, It makes a scene attract instead of repel.

Why is it that death is so commonly linked to beauty in art? Is it the contrast or that both seem so mysterious and tangible? Art gives us the space to explore our individual relationship with mortality, softening the more confronting aspects of life with the veil of aesthetics.

Live performance - The Margie Lou Dyer Trio with Cameron Robbins on Clarinet and Howard Cairns on Bass, 7pm. | IG @tessa___claire