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Jessie Scott | Miraculous Ribbon
Wed 2 - Sat 26 Sept 2015

Exhibition opening Wed 2 Sept, 6pm.

Miraculous Ribbon will take the form of a 4 week residency at Grey Gardens, where the artist will create a temporary video lending library/archiving station, dedicated to capturing the detritus of late 20th century video culture, and questioning popular definitions of "medium".

Jessie Scott is calling out for contributions to Miraculous Ribbon - if you have a much loved collection of ex-rental VHS and DVDs, or any form of obsolete video media/format kicking around your house or studio that you would like to see immortalised (if briefly) in the Miraculous Ribbon archive, please get in touch! contact Jessie on jesspicable (at) gmail (dot) com . All loans will be returned at the end of the show, or can be included in a grand, closing down ex-rental sale at the conclusion of the show.

4 week on-site residency, video library and archival station | Instagram @jesspicable