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Impressions of Japan: Nature and Design through Sculpture and Image
Fri 4 - Sat 5 Sept 2015

Launch partyFri 4 Sept, 6 - 9pm.

“There are no borders in Bonsai. The dove of peace flies to palace as to humble house, to young as to old, to rich and poor. So does the spirit of Bonsai.” - John Yoshio Naka

The ancient art of Bonsai is a miniature representation of trees in nature, highlighting the natural form and shape through living sculpture. With its roots in China as Penjing, through to its evolution as Bonsai in Japan, the composition of container (Bon) and plant (Sai) can be compared to a paintings relationship with it’s frame.

A new generation of artist has embraced Bonsai culture and created a movement inspired by tradition however determined to carve out their own road on the ancient map of Bonsai. Jeff Barry and Luke Yeoward of Chojo Feature Trees are at the forefront of this movement in Melbourne, Australia and say it is growing at an exponential rate across the globe.

For the first time in Australia, Chojo Feature Trees presents a collection of fine Australian Bonsai, displayed with photographs by award winning Melbourne based photographer Nicole Reed, and Tattoo Art by Andrew Mcleod of Chapel Tattoo.

Nicole Reed has a niche talent for capturing urban environments, giving way for her to produce truly iconic image collections. Her documentation of urban sprawl, decay and abandon shows not only her sheer motivation for social commentary but also her innate ability to source beauty in places overlooked by the untrained eye.

Andrew Mcleod has been tattooing since 1994 and specialises in Traditional, Japanese, Eastern and Portrait styles. His paintings and traditional designs inspire tattoo artist across the globe.