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Hayley Miro | Five Bells
Fri 21 Aug - Thurs 10 Sept 2015

Exhibition opening Fri 21 Aug, 6pm.

The exhibition is named after the original poem written by Australian poet Kenneth Slessor. The poem has had many unique interpretations over the years, including by my late father.

My show is a series of predominantly hand printed photographs, focussing on the vast landscapes I have had the privilege of photographing around Victoria. My Dad and I have a shared love of these remote locations and the pictures serve as quiet metaphors of the man himself.

Music, particularly my father's music, informs my pictures in a profound way, and the pictures inform my feelings of his music. It's like a melody that goes round and round, developing a pace of its own, often unexpected.

Kenneth Slessor's 'Five Bells' is an important vein that runs anonymously through the exhibition. It accompanies the images along with the wisdom and elegantly poetic sufferings of C.S. Lewis' 'A Grief Observed'.

All in all this is a show for Dad, about Dad and without Dad. There will be Five Bells.

Live performance - The Margie Lou Dyer Trio with Cameron Robbins on Clarinet and Howard Cairns on Bass, 7pm | IG @hayleymiro