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Georgina Savage I Digging for Pineapples
Thurs 15 Oct - Sat 17 Oct 2015

Opening: Thurs 15 Oct, 6-8pm

An Australian outback opal-mining town, trapped by the ghost of a bountiful past, searches for meaning underground...

“But of course, the opal’s gone.”

Digging For Pineapples is a photography series set in remote Opal mining town, White Cliffs. What was once the most bountiful land of Opal in the world is now home to ghosts of the frontier. Men and women toil in unbearable summers on the mine-ridded fields, digging for the precious stone and forsaking all else.

This series was shot during the filming of Georgina Savage’s debut feature documentary, titled White Cliffs. It is an exploration of the Australian dream and the dreamers who populate the surreal, spectacular and seemingly inhospitable outback terrain.

Georgina Savage is a young independent documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She is drawn to small, minority communities and the personal stories of those that inhabit them.