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This is How We Walk on the Moon

Freya Esders

Thurs 12 Nov - Thurs 19 Nov

Opening Drinks Fri 13 Nov, 6 - 9 pm

Grief is a lonesome town, no quick exits, a place where in summer the sun never sets - where you cannot hide in the thick curtain that night brings.

Beyond the lake is Hekla. A woman of fury, a fiery belly and a history of shaping the world around her. She should not be bearing snow in the summer. It has been 13 years since she let it all out. 13 years since she forced a new landscape at her feet. A landscape not unlike the moon. It was known, as it is with all mountains like Hekla that she would one day need too.

It was a day, like another other, I stood, a child, watching her scream orange earth.

These days will come, when the sky as we know it changes, the ground beneath us changes and in the ordinary instant – all seems to be lost.

We survive as best we can after an eruption. Once the seeping orange earth has found its new place, once the snow still chard black with force has cleared, there will be a way to return. There will be a way to walk on the new ground.

Hekla has not erupted for 13 years. 13 years is a long time to wait. And so, we eventually learn to walk on the moon....We still think of Hekla's gentle fury, her orange screams, but we walk all while bearing the snow of our many winters.

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